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Submit Art Blogs, Web Site Guidelines

Art Blog Guidelines

There are two types of blogs:
  1. One is the "Public Art Blog":

    Since it is PUBLIC, every registered user can add blog entries and comments to it. Our intentions for this blog is to allow artists and other users to express their ideas and feelings to the art world in a well-organized and educated ways, which include but are not limited to: your inspirations, your interesting art stories and experiments, introducing your artworks and styles, helping art fans to appreciate your own and other artists’ works, etc.

    We do not oppose you to promote yourself and your own artworks in the public blog. However, your statements and words must be well-organized, only posting artwork images without enough statements are absolutely prohibited in the public blog.

  2. Artists and other users can create their own blogs. Only the blog founder/owner can post articles, while other users can post comments. Blog founders have the privilege to remove inappropriate comments. Since this type of blog is personal, we do not have so strict rules as in the Public Blog – basically member can post whatever he/she like as long as they do not violate our term of service.

No matters you write on "Public Art Blog" or write on your own blog, YOUR artworks will be displayed on the right side of your blog entry page, thus give your artworks more exposures.

Web Site Submission Guidelines

Registered user can add site to the Web Directory in real time. However, to prevent spams, one registered user can only add one web site directly to our directories. If you have more high quality web sites wanted to add to our directory, or if you are an unregistered user, please email your site's information include:
  1. directory you want to add;
  2. your site's title;
  3. your site's URL;
  4. a brief description of your site,
to us, we will manually add it for you.

Please only add your main web site to our directories. We want our directories to have more credentials than just some junk links.

Please do not spam our service, violate this policy may cause removal of your listing or even termination of your account!!!!

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Artworks and artwork images are intellectual property of the individual artist and/or art gallery, and may not be reproduced or used in any ways without their permissions.

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