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There two types of memberships: "General" Membership and "Pro Artist"Membership. By default, every registered user is automatically a "General" member.


There are no monthly fees, and no listing fees.

To prevent selling frauds and verify seller, each seller is asked to pay a non-refundable one-time USD $4.95 "Seller Verification Fee" through PayPal before posting artworks (Sellers without Paypal and credit card accounts still have opportunities to get verified if you can provide enough evidences, information, or documents to show us that you are a real seller and not a fraud).

Membership Commissions:

  • "General" member: buyers pay directly to sellers ( sellers need to handle payment by themselves) - we will charge nothing.
  • "Pro Artist" member: buyers pay through Sell-Arts' secure payment system, we will collect 10 percent payment processing fees.

Seller Verifications

To verify sellers and prevent selling frauds, sellers are allowed to post and sell artworks only 48 hours after paying a non-refundable one-time "Seller Verification Fee" USD $4.95 through PayPal.

Sellers without Paypal and credit card accounts still have opportunities to get verified if you can provide enough evidences, information, or documents to show us that you are a real seller and not a fraud. The information includes but is not limited to: your official web site, photos, your published books or artworks, your exhibition records, awards, certifications, identifications, references from friends etc ?any information that can help us decide your identifications, either in electronical format or paper format. Please send your electronical documents or mail your paper documents to :

Since it is very easy to fabricate these documents, we cannot guarantee that you can pass our verifications.

"Pro Artist" Membership

Sell-Arts serves "Pro Artist" members with higher priorities than "General" members. "Pro Artist" members have the following advantages over "General" members: "Pro Artist" Membership Fees
We will collect 10 percent payment processing fees once sellers' artworks have been sold through our secure payment system. There are no monthly fees, and no listing fees. Sellers can request to cancel "Pro Artist" membership if sellers want to handle payment by themselves, which are free of charge.

"Pro Artist" Members Must :
  • Respond to customer inquiries and messages promptly
  • Ship customer orders in a reasonably prompt time
  • Have a PayPal account for Non-USA based sellers.
Right to Terminate "Pro Artist" Membership
Sell-Arts reserves the right to unilaterally cancel or suspend member's "Pro Artist" membership at any time if we think that the member failed to meet our membership requirements and standards.

Receiving Payment
  1. What deposit methods do you have?
    The deposit methods we are using to send your sold artworks' payments are PayPal or personal check. Sell-Arts prefer Paypal - which is fast and safe.

  2. When will Sell-Arts remit my sold artworks' payments to me? What I need to do?
    The payment will be sent to seller on the next business day after:
    • Buyer notified that he/she received the items; and
    • Seller notified that Return/refund period is expired.

    Here are the procedures that seller needs to do:

    • Wait for buyer to mark that he/she received the item.
    • After buyer marked that he/she received the item, and after item's return period is expired, login to you account, go to your transaction and inform Sell-Arts by clicking the following button:

      This is required even you do not allow returns. It is the seller's responsibility to notify Sell-Arts when the return period is expired.

  3. What happen if buyer received item but have not marked item as "Received"?
    Here are the things that seller can do:
    • Login to you account, go to your transaction and remind the buyer by clicking the following button:

    • Click the "Notify Item Return Period is Expired" button if item return period is expired:

      This will send notification to both the buyer and Sell-Arts. Please wait for 3 days for response from Sell-Arts and/or the buyer. Usually Sell-Arts will remit the payment to you the next business day after the 3 days have past unless buyer notifies us that he/she have not received the item. Having shipping delivery confirmation in hand will always help you preventing delivery disputes. That’s why Sell-Arts strongly encourages sellers to ship your items with delivery confirmations.

What Can Sell

Only family-friendly artworks and decoration related items are allowed to sell on this site. We do not allow to list items that carry pornography, or contain too much nudity that are not appropriate for children and sensitive viewers - Sell-Arts keep the right to remove any inappropriate items. No duplicate items are allowed.

How to Sell

Information about how to sell can be found here >>>

How long item can list

There are no expiration dates for your listings. Unless you end or delete items manually, items will be listed forever.

How many items can list

You can list as many items as you want. However, no duplicate items are allowed - each item must have unique name and title.


An example of chargeback : buyer paid $100 with credit card to buy an artwork at Sell-Arts, Sell-Arts received $100 from the buyer's credit card company. For some reasons later the credit card company asked Sell-Arts to return the $100 back to the buyer - this is called chargeback.

A chargeback occurs when a buyer disputes a transaction with his or her credit card issuer. Among other reasons, a buyer may request a chargeback if: 1) The buyer hasn't received the items he or she purchased; 2) The buyer has other concerns about the validity of the purchase. 3)The buyer is unsatisfied with a purchase and hasn't been able to resolve the problem with the seller.

The seller is responsible for any chargebacks that may occur. If the credit card company upholds a chargeback then the seller must return to Sell-Arts the funds related to the chargeback.

More information about chargeback can be found here

The "Artists" Tab

The "Artists" tab lists all members who have at least one item for sale. The displayed name is your "Public Name" defined in your profile. If you do not specify the "Public Name", your registered name will be used instead. If you add item for the first time, or if you change your "Public Name", the new changes will not appear immediately in the Artists tab until they are updated by our internal indexing engine in the next round. Deleting all your listed items will effectively remove yourself from the "Artists" list.

Item Choice Fields

Each item can have up to 5 choices (you must have at least one choice):

Possible choices may include:

  1. Different sizes:

  2. With or without frame:

  3. etc ...
  • Brief Description - This is optional if you have only one choice. it must be unique if you have multiple choices.
  • Stock - We also support multiple stock for one item, please set the stock 0 if you sold out and do not leave stock field empty.
  • Universal Fixed Shipping Charge - please reference the "Set Shipping Charge" section below.

Set Shipping Charge

Seller has two options to set shipping charge:
  1. Shipping Charge Depends on Location - in this case, seller does not specify shipping charge at first, when a buyer wants to buy an item, he/she first needs to input shipping address and request for shipping charge, seller then set the shipping charge depending on buyer’s shipping address. After seller inputs shipping charges, buyer then can proceed payment.
  2. Universal Fixed Shipping Charge - the first option gives the flexibility to set shipping charge depend on shipping location. However, buyer has to wait until the seller input shipping charge. In reality, lots of buyers hate this kind of back and forth for just buying an item. They prefer to pay right away, even pay a little bit of more. Here we introduce the so called "Universal Fixed Shipping Charge", if you ship internationally and the shipping charge is the same to any destination, you can specify the shipping charge here. Please input 0 if you provide free shipping internationally. Leave the field empty if you prefer to set shipping charge depend on location(option 1).
If possible, Sell-Arts strongly encourages sellers to set the "Universal Fixed Shipping Charge" field.

Make Item Negotiable

Select the "Allowed to Make Offer" checkbox in the post item form will make the item price negotiable. We strongly recommend sellers to use this feature to improve you selling chances.

Item Description

It is very important to put more related keywords in the "Item Description" field ?it will be:
  • Included in our internal search engine ( results from the Search Box).
  • Used by other search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live search etc.
Why it is so important to put more descriptions for your artworks? We know sometime art is difficult to express in words. But in the online world, keywords and contents are the kings. Most buyers find your artworks through search engines like Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately, no matters how powerful these search engines are, at least until now, if you do not tell them in words that you are drawing a tiger, the search engine will never know that, thus buyers will never see your artworks through searches - just that simple.

Return/Refund Policy

Seller has the rights to specify whatever return/refund policies he/she wants. Policies like whether accepting returns, how much should be refunded, whether refund shipping cost, how many days return is accepted etc - all can be set by seller. Sell-Arts respects each seller's policies.

However, even seller does not accept returns, Sell-Arts requires seller to specify clearly.

Sell-Arts strongly suggests sellers to allow returns and set favorable refund policies to attract potential buyers and comeback customers.

Upload Images

Each item can have up to two images. For each image there are two ways to upload it: either from your local computer or from remote web site. JPG and GIF formats (prefer JPG) are the only two formats that we are fully tested - these are the two formats that we officially support. If your image's format is not GIF or JPG, we suggest you to convert them use image editor like Photoshop, or other image editors - lots of them are free.

Maximum Image File Size: Each of your image's size should be less than 500k. Uploading an image whose size is more than 500k will fail. If your images' sizes are bigger than 500k, please reduce your images' storage sizes by referencing the following tips.

Image Pixel Size: If your uploading image's size is larger than 250,000 pixels (result of width * height of the image, in pixels. For example, if your image's width is 500 pixels, height is 500 pixels, then the total pixels is 500*500=250,000; or if your image's width is 1000 pixels, height is 250 pixels, then the total pixels is 1000*250=250,000), the size of your image stored and displayed in Sell-Arts will be reduced to 250,000 pixels, proportionally for width and height. If your upload image's size is smaller than 250,000 pixels, the size of your image stored and displayed in Sell-Arts will be your original size.

The thumbnail image of each item comes from the first image.

How to post a new image or replace an old image:
  1. If you are posting a new image you will have two boxes(one box for one image) like this in the Post New Item form:

    1. If your image is located in your own local computer disk, you can click the "Browse" button, will bring out a choose file dialog look like this:

      pick up the image file and click the "Open" button will load your image from your local disk.
    2. If you image is located in a remote web site, then you can type your web address in the URL field:

      This will load your image from remote web site.
      Note: You will only need to fill either the "Local Disk" or the "Or URL" field, not both. If you fill both fields, the second field will be ignored.

  2. If you are editing an existing image you will have box(s) like this in the Edit Exist Item form:

    - Check the "Remove this Image" checkbox will remove the image, even your fill the "Local Disk" or the "Or URL" field;
    - Uncheck the "Remove this Image", fill either "Local Disk" or the "Or URL" field will replace the old image with the new image.
    Note: Replacing an old image is a little bit of tricky, if you select to replace an old image with a new one, and then hit the "Preview" button and go to the Preview page, sometime you will find it's still the old image. The reason is because the old image and new image use the same name in the server, the browser is over smart and thinks they are the same so it picks up the cached one in your computer instead of retrieving the new image from server. Refresh your web browser will get the latest copy. Other people who view your item will see the new image, not the old image - So this is not a problem at all!

Mark Item Sold

There are two ways to mark item as "Sold":
  • Set Status to "Sold", or
  • Set Status to "For Sale" and set Stock to 0 - this is particularly useful when some choices of an item are sold out while others are not, you can set the Stock of sold out choice to 0.

HTML Not Allowed

No HTML tags are allowed in postings. Use carriage return (the "Enter" key) to separate line ( will automatically convert new line char "\n" to <br> ).

The Search Box

As a seller, you may ask,"How to make my artworks appear in the search result (the search box in the top of the page)?"

To make your artworks appear in the result, you need to specify keywords in your items. The search box will search keywords in the following fields of your items:
  • Title
  • Artwork Type
  • Style
  • Subject
  • Media/Material
  • Artist Name
  • Gallery Name
  • Item Description
That means if a user types "tiger" in the search field and click the "Search" button, if the "tiger"(case Insensitive) keyword appears in any of the above fields of your items, your items will be shown up. This is one reason why we said in the "Item Description" section how important it is to put more descriptions for your items (Again, remember your new changse will appear after being updated by our internal indexing engine).

Indexing Frequency

Once you post a new item, or update an existing item, the listing will immediately go live after your submission. However, your new update will not appear immediately in the category listing, "Artists" tab, and search results until the new changes are updated by our internal indexing engine. Right now we roughly index once in every 2~5 hours.

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