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Buying Help


  1. What payment types do you accept?
    We accept the following payments:
    • Paypal (or Credit Card through Paypal)
    • Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Personal Check
    • Wire transfer
    • All payments should be made in U.S dollars.
    • For Order over 2,000 US dollars, wire transfer is the only accepted method.
    • Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Personal Check should be made payable to YUKOOL LLC, and mailed to:
  2. How Sell-Arts' secure payment system can protect buyers?
    Sell-Arts' secure payment system provides strong protections for buyers - Sell-Arts strongly encourages buyers to buy items though our secure payment system. There are two main reasons:
    1. Our system is secured with advanced SSL cryptographic technologies during your checkout processes - all your payment and personal information will be encrypted when they are transmitted over the internet, to ensure that your privacy information is safe from hackers or other malicious parties. We do not store your whole credit card information on our own server.
    2. Our "Pro Artist" membership can protect buyers from seller frauds. We only release your fund to seller until you receive your items. A very common online seller fraud( can be found on sites like eBay or other big ecommerce sites) is working like this: a seller( bad guy) list an item which does not exist, and if unfortunately you bought the item and paid the seller. You can imagine the result: you cannot get the item (it does not exist at all), and you cannot get your money back either. This will never happen if you buy through our secure payment system - if the seller is a fraud, then you will not receive the item, and you will not loss your money.

  3. Why some items "Need to pay directly to seller"?
    Sell-Arts is a venue. Sellers can choose whether to become a "Pro Artist" member to use our secure payment service (which collects some fees from sellers) or not. If sellers choose not to use our online payment system, then buyers need to pay directly to the sellers. Buyers and sellers need to contact each other to decide how to pay, and Sell-Arts will not involve. In this case, sellers do not pay any fees to Sell-Arts, but buyers bear the fraud risks.

Shipping/Shipping Charges

  1. Why some items have shipping charges while others do not have?

    According to Sell-Arts?policies, seller has the rights to specify whatever shipping charge type he/she wants. He/she can either
    • set a fixing shipping charge, or
    • set shipping charge depending on buyer’s shipping address.
    More information about setting shipping charge can be found here >>>

  2. Who will ship the items?
    Items will be directly shipped from sellers to buyers. Sell-Arts is just a venue.

Shopping Cart

To add item to shopping cart, just click the "Add to Cart" button. Buyer can also specify quantity for items with mutiple in stock. Clicking the in the top of the page shows all the items in the shopping cart - you may see one or two tables depending on items you just added:
  • Item(s) Ready for Proceeding Payment - this table includes items whose shipping costs have already been specifed (see Shipping/Shipping Charges section). For these items, you can click the "Proceed Secure Payment" button and proceed payment with our secure payment system right here.
  • Item(s) Need to Request Shipping Cost from Seller(s) - this table includes items shipping costs have not been specifed yet (see Shipping/Shipping Charges section) - you need to submit order and request shipping cost here.

Checkout Process

  1. Do I need to register first in order to buy an item ?
    No, you can first add wanted items to shopping cart. During the checkout process, if you do not have an account, typing your contact information will automatically create an account for you. Then later you can login to your account to check the status of your orders.

  2. What is the "Proceed Secure Payment" button for?
    This button will lead buyer to proceed payment through our secure payment system. After finishing this process, buyer just needs to wait for the seller to package and ship the items to you. Once you receive the items, please login to your account and Mark that you receive the items so we can release fund to the seller.

  3. What is the "Buy and Request Shipping Charge" button for?
    This button will submit buyer's shipping address to the seller and ask seller to input shipping cost. After finishing submission, you can just wait for seller to input shipping cost. Once the seller specifies the shipping cost, Sell-Arts will notify you, and then you can proceed payment by accessing your account.

"Buy Now" vs "Add to Cart"

For some item, buyer may notice that there is no "Add to Cart" button as mentioned above, instead of a "Buy Now" button like this:

So why?

The "Add to Cart" button is for items whose sellers are "Pro Artist" members - payment will first sent to Sell-Arts instead of directly to sellers. Buyers can add and check out mutiple items( even from different sellers) in one transaction. Since Sell-Arts only release the fund to sellers after buyers indicate that they receive the items, thus protect buyers from seller frauds.

The "Buy Now" button is for items whose sellers are not "Pro Artist" members, buyers need to pay directly to the sellers. Buyers and sellers need to contact each other to decide how to pay, and Sell-Arts will not involve. In this case, each time a buyer can only buy one item, and buyers bear the fraud risks.

Make an Offer

If an item is specified by the seller as "allow to make offer", buyer and seller can negotiate the price. This usually starts with buyer "Make An Offer" for an item to the seller. The Seller can accept, reject, or counter offer the buyer. For example, if the listing price of an item is $100, buyer can make an offer for $80, if the seller thinks the price is reasonable, he/she can accept the offer - means the buyer bought the item at $80. If the seller thinks the $80 is not high enough, he/she can counter offer the buyer, let's say $90 - then the buyer has the options to accept, counter offer, or reject the offer... so on until the offer is accepted, or rejected.

Some items do not have the "Make an Offer" buttons because sellers only want to sell them at fixed prices rather than at negotiable prices.

Return/Refund Policy

Sell-Arts respects the return/refund policies set by each individual sellers. About whether accepting returns, how much should be refunded, whether refund shipping cost etc. all depend on seller's policies.

If sellers DO accept returns, the procedures for refund are:

  1. Buyer should contact with Seller and get the approval from the seller.
  2. Buyer should send the returned items to the seller (not Sell-Arts).
  3. After seller receive the returned items, seller needs to specify the refund amount in his/her account.
  4. Sell-Arts then refund the money back to the buyer.

Note: The above procedures only apply for items sold through Sell-Arts' secure payment system. For others, buyer and seller should contact each other and Sell-Arts will not involve.

Browse Arts by Category

Click the "Artworks" tab in the header; buyer can browse artworks in different categories by clicking the expandable menu in the left side.

Search Arts

Buyer can search artworks by entering keywords and clicking the search button in the top.

Ask Seller A Question

In the top right side of each item, there's a box show seller's information, click the "Ask Seller A Question" link you can ask the seller question about this item.

View seller's other items

Click the View seller's other items link will allow you to browse all the artworks for this seller - Left side has expandable menu can help to browse artworks by category for this seller.

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