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# 100084
Posted: 2008/05/05 01:34 CDT Quote

It is becomming increasing obvious that artists attempting to sell on line are encountering scams. I recently read about a case wher the artist found that after depositing a so-called certified check, the bank came back 3 months later and demanded a return of the money because they had suddenly discovered that the check was bougus. The artist found that the local law enforcement had no way of finding or prosecuting the scammer because they lacked the resources. It is time for artists to put pressure on our elected representative to start controlling this type of criminal activity. We need to speak up.

# 100101
Posted: 2008/06/15 22:06 CDT Quote

The art scam as stated above is not the only scam that the artist has to worry about there is also the problem of depleted sales opportunities due to the fact that their artwork can be scanned and reproduced.The problem seems to be that the artwork is shown with a High definition format which allows the punter to copy and print off your work this needs to be dealt with, so that the artwork can't be copied for cheap prints and the copyist market or Chinese copyist factories, This is what is eroding any chance of sales.There are formats that can prevent copying, and until this is addressed it will continue to happen.

# 100190
Posted: 2009/12/21 00:10 CDT Quote

Guys I use "PAINT" program to write on my pictures for the site about copyright by..... Open 'all programs', go to 'accessories' and open 'paint'.

# 100208
Posted: 2010/09/18 22:03 CDT Quote

That's a real good idea about typing your copyright on the scanned copy with paint. I think I'll do that too.

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