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# 100012
Posted: 2007/05/22 05:57 CDT Quote

I am a very recent addition to SELL-ARTS.COM and would just like to wish you and me good luck with this great website.
Best regards

# 100013
Posted: 2007/05/23 11:48 CDT Quote

Same to you Peter, I just joined a couple days ago!

# 100014
Posted: 2007/05/24 02:48 CDT Quote

Hi just hello. Wish a bright future for the site. :)

# 100015
Posted: 2007/06/10 11:48 CDT Quote

Hello all ! This is a great place to sell and buy arts! Wish you all good luck , and thanks for invitation!

# 100017
Posted: 2007/06/16 05:31 CDT Quote

eheheh.. welkome to me and to everybody..
kisses to all

# 100018
Posted: 2007/06/21 14:27 CDT Quote

Hi. I just thought I would say hello and invite you all to look at my storefront. I sell Epson Reproduction Prints of my own work, so I hope this site gets a lot of traffic. Good luck to everybody.

# 100019
Posted: 2007/08/01 21:23 CDT Quote

Hello my name is Patrick Iadanza, I am 20 years old and I am wondering how in the world anyone will ever see my work on here with so many people. I only have one work up for the time being... but I hope people will take a look. Thanks!

# 100020
Posted: 2007/08/06 11:49 CDT Quote

Hey there!
Just thought I would drop in and say thanks for such a wonderful site!

# 100021
Posted: 2007/08/13 13:07 CDT Quote

Hello I am new here to so Good Luck to everyone and wishing you many sells!

# 100022
Posted: 2007/08/13 15:48 CDT Quote

Hello I am new here to so best of luck to all of us. Great site!

# 100023
Posted: 2007/08/27 05:46 CDT Quote

I am new on the site as well, I hope for great success for us all...

# 100024
Posted: 2007/09/01 21:26 CDT Quote

So thankful for the initial contact. I'm new to this as well as to the whole "art world". Good luck to all.

# 100025
Posted: 2007/09/04 08:06 CDT Quote

I signed up to this site today and wanted to say hello to my fellow artists.

Pleased to be a part of the team.

Kindest regards.


# 100027
Posted: 2007/09/07 06:26 CDT Quote

Hi All, I would just like to say a big Thank you, to for making this site available for us all and to wish everyone on the site a warm welcome and good luck with their sales.
Richard ( Barberzhao)

# 100028
Posted: 2007/09/11 20:51 CDT Quote

Hello Everyone. I became part of your community today and now have a sampling of my sculpture listed. I wish you all the best of luck and look forward to visiting the fine artists on this site. Please drop by to say hi, and leave a comment. Bye for now.

Stuart Land

# 100034
Posted: 2007/10/07 06:06 CDT Quote

Hi to everybody, I'm a painter from Canada and new to this site.

# 100035
Posted: 2007/10/07 11:36 CDT Quote

Welcome everyone! :) Am finally getting some time to browse around and do some reading here.. I too wish the site all the best and also each of you in your artwork. Artists are not the "norm" , but instead hear a different drummer in their spirits! Smiles to all, DryRiver aka Lisa Ruggiero

# 100036
Posted: 2007/10/23 15:53 CDT Quote

Many thanks for putting my artwork on your site. I'm honored to be with very talented artist from all over. Nice to meet everyone that applies. More art the better! If you like to draw as much as I do, you will enjoy checking out my web site. Any feed back would be appreciative. Come knock on my door anytime.

# 100037
Posted: 2007/10/28 03:15 CDT Quote

HELLO Iam shahla armin peinter iranian.experiance :35 years thanks for your site and your attention

# 100040
Posted: 2007/11/04 03:58 CDT Quote
support wrote:
Fehel free to add comments here.

Hi everybody. Been here for a while, but just decided to throw in my two cents. Good luck to everybody. This is a great addition to local studios who want an arm and a leg to display your work.

# 100041
Posted: 2007/11/16 12:45 CDT Quote

has any of u actually sold a number of drawings here or is this a site where artist buy other artist's works?

# 100042
Posted: 2007/11/19 21:10 CDT Quote
support wrote:
Hang in there and keep your heads up... keep in mind this site is new and we are the first few members and it will probably grow in popularity and size... i hope it goes well!

HELLO TO EVERYONE!!! I am excited about this new site... I think that it will eventually be everything "us" artist want, need, and hope for. I just wanted to say hi to everyone... and i hope that we do some wonderful things with this site. Good luck all... hang in there. I would love to make friends and hear from you about my works... so please feel free to critique when you have time.

thank you very much.

# 100043
Posted: 2007/11/20 14:02 CDT Quote

I just joined this website. Do any members do a great number of sales? I wish we could give this website more exposure. How can we do that? Any suggestions?

# 100058
Posted: 2007/12/22 09:52 CDT Quote

hello everyone: new to this site .I recently purchased some art work i have a manuel casal and would like to know something about him and if it might be worth my investment.

# 100059
Posted: 2008/01/05 16:28 CDT Quote

Hello Everyone, I am new to the site as well. Best of luck to everyone in their sells. You can look at my site also at:

# 100061
Posted: 2008/01/11 12:02 CDT Quote

just wanna say hi to everyone! =)

# 100062
Posted: 2008/01/28 18:20 CDT Quote


# 100065
Posted: 2008/02/16 23:18 CDT Quote

Joined several months ago. What a great opportunity to "expose" one's art. And to browse through the many galleries of brilliant pieces of art of all styles and mediums. It is alot like an art gallery you can experience from the seat of your pants.

# 100068
Posted: 2008/03/04 15:26 CDT Quote

I would like to know if other artists receive messages from visitors. In my case, I received none. But from another gallery, I receive so many. So what is the answer?

# 100070
Posted: 2008/03/30 11:37 CDT Quote

Hello everyone, I am a new artist to this site and just wanted to say hello.
Kerry Swinamer, TheWorldofFairy

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