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# 100048
Posted: 2007/11/24 16:03 CDT Quote

Don't artists want to talk to each other. Or do we have enough other space and this one is not needed? Does anybody come here?

# 100056
Posted: 2007/12/02 01:36 CDT Quote

Once a week I come here and check out what other artist talk about. There is very little going on in this forum. I guess that must mean we are all happy artist and have very little to say. (ha ha) I guess we just need to get them talking. Your artwork is great!

# 100064
Posted: 2008/02/26 13:00 CDT Quote

Everyones work is great!

# 100071
Posted: 2008/03/30 11:45 CDT Quote

Hi there, I just joined this site but I love to chat so I will check back here often to see what you have to say!! :0)

# 100073
Posted: 2008/04/07 22:51 CDT Quote

Hello, welcome to the website! Good luck to you!

# 100076
Posted: 2008/04/13 21:31 CDT Quote

Hi, yes Im new here, cant tell you how excited I am to've had to land on this site.
You can count on me for endless discussions on anything that the mind entertains, I cant wait to share with you all my ideas and self growth I have been experiencing these last 20 yrs.
I seem to soak every thought and feeling up till only contented understanding dawns, and that heart warming feeling, of being among unimaginable greatness.
Life offers so much, in fact, life gives us exactly the moments and time to create our most treasured reality, our now, our very existence.
Unique and endless, a devine connection to our creator.
I hope I dont get too carried away with philosophy, and stop me if I delve too deep.
I tend to.
But I have a feeling that I have happened on this site for golden reasons.


# 100090
Posted: 2008/05/16 22:22 CDT Quote

welcome to this site :)

# 100107
Posted: 2008/06/29 21:50 CDT Quote

Hello Fellow Artists,
Im New To The Site Thought Id Drop A Line In Here As Well As The Members Introduction Forum. Im 37 Self-taught Artist..Do Alotta Of Work In Charcoal And Graphite Pencils As well As Water Color Pencils And Acrylic Paints. I Love Art...The Thought Of Creating Something From Nothing...Taking One's Ideal And Putting it On Paper For Them To See Is Just Simply Amazing...A Gift...In Which Needs To Be Seen....I Believe Ive Found It...In This Site! And In Your Guys Company...Everyone On This Site Is Amazing In My Book..Please Look @ My Work And Give Me Sum Feed Back....Whether You Think Its Good Or Bad...I Want it!

# 100120
Posted: 2008/09/14 21:04 CDT Quote

Anyone ever sell any of there art through this site?

# 100203
Posted: 2010/04/19 12:47 CDT Quote

Hi everyone, great topic!!! I dont mind a bit of a chat now and then, so consider one persuaded by the dry humour,may it continue.
I will keep popping by to say hello and see whats happening.Take care,

# 100204
Posted: 2010/05/06 19:03 CDT Quote

hello, i came back? any news?

# 100227
Posted: 2013/01/10 21:40:42 CDT Quote
ophilian wrote:
Anyone ever sell any of there art through this site?

That, I wonder too!

# 100228
Posted: 2013/01/10 21:41:04 CDT Quote

I'm new here on the site. Sometimes I photograph naked women. Both fine art nude and erotic. And of course, I have a model release with the models. I see prices from $ 2 to $ 2,500. How do you think when you set your prices?

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