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General Discussions
I created my account yesterday and created my artcenter and artblog but still I cannot sell. Why?  
Can onyone explain to me why? Thank you very much
1 766 2012/10/01 12:04:34 CDT
by : donpierre

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1 1125 2013/07/02 03:46:07 CDT
by : khattrimeena
Does anyone still use this web page?  
I was curious to know if anyone still uses this web page or if there is another buy-sell art wep page now? Please let me know..thanks
1 551 2015/07/17 01:15:44 CDT
by : nb79gallery
Add your Website link  
Any artist that wants me to add your art website to my links page on my art webpage please let me know. I would be more then happy to put your link on mine. The artist of the world need all the help they can get to get their name out there. :)
48 10235 2015/02/08 15:27:42 CDT
by : lemoing
Member Introductions and Comments  
Introduce yourself and add your comments.
71 95798 2015/02/08 15:26:00 CDT
by : lemoing
looking for art dealers or agencies in Melbourne  
To broad the art exchange, we are looking for art dealers or agencies for Mr Jing Dawei’s works in Melbourne, Australia, Anyone who is interested in this, please feel free to contact us:
Telephone: +86135 238 77907
Jing Dawei's Profile:Jing Dawei(David Jing), a lay disciple of the Buddha, art name Bu Er Jushi, who was born in 1969 in Henan, now works as a senior architect. Since December, 2013, David Jing has been studying with the famous contemporary artist Yiliao, at his art studio “Shifang Jingshe” at the foot of Mount Song in Henan. David Jing is the deputy chief architect of China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd., and the director of Henan Branch, also he is the chairman of Henan Modern Architectural Design Co., Ltd. He is the vice-chairman of Xinxiang Association of Collectors, and the curator of Sanshang Art Museum, who is dedicated in learning Buddhism and expressing the ideas by painting Zen. Quite a lot of his works including the “ Bu Er painting Zen Series” have been continuously published on Chinese Calligraphy Supermarket, and they all are widely praised.

1 409 2015/01/07 21:21:53 CDT
by : andrealiu
Page Views  
When you check the page view count, does the total mean how many members have looked at your page or how many folks from the general public, members, etc.?
Just curious. Thanks!
3 6284 2009/10/23 17:56 CDT
by : slgalleries
Buying Issues
When a potential buyer wants to leave a message with the artist, it sends them to the member login. Therefore, they cannot leave an artist a message, because they are not members.
4 3300 2010/04/13 15:20 CDT
by : derekmccrea
I recently got an email from prospective buyer,supposedly from Italy,who wanted to buy one of me works.He claimed that he would pay via Paypal,to which I agreed.He then sent me another message saying that he put the money in my Paypal acct. plus $200.for the shipping thru a shipper he uses,but the funds would not be in my Paypal acct. until I send $200.via Western Union to some one in Ohio.Suspecting a scam,I contacted Paypal & they told me that it was a scam. BEWARE.
1 4696 2011/03/06 17:27 CDT
by : framel
Selling Issues
Shipping Confirmation  
Ship your artworks with Shipping Confirmation to avoid dispute.
3 5874 2008/09/14 21:03 CDT
by : ophilian
Upload Images  
Issues related to loading images.
8 3634 2012/04/16 14:49:54 CDT
by : geoart
Replace Old Image Problem  
Replacing an old image - new image does not get updated.
1 7145 2007/09/19 19:56 CDT
by : support
Art Scams  
It is becomming increasing obvious that artists attempting to sell on line are encountering scams.
4 3831 2010/09/18 22:03 CDT
by : tsnell
Art Discussions
Painting topics
5 4870 2009/12/12 03:12 CDT
by : eyvonne
Drawing topics
3 3671 2012/03/08 00:41:51 CDT
by : caricatureq
Chromix Black  
Has anybody tried the new black yet? It's called chromix black
1 3576 2007/11/25 00:17 CDT
by : coololadiart
Photography Discussions
7 3660 2013/01/11 18:38:08 CDT
by : born2b
Art Prints  
Art Print Discussion
2 3642 2009/03/25 08:34 CDT
by : nikki1
Sculpture topics
2 3701 2009/10/27 23:31 CDT
by : green69style
Louis Charles Basset  
Can somebody tell me who he is/was please.Can't find much info on him.
1 904 2011/07/04 17:33:06 CDT
by : brownie10
Why Is This Blank?  
Don't artists want to talk to each other. Or do we have enough other space and this one is not needed? Does anybody come here?
13 3969 2013/01/10 21:41:04 CDT
by : born2b
Community: Forum, Blogs etc
The beauty  
quote:"everything has its own beauty but not everyone is able to see"
2 3187 2013/01/11 18:35:04 CDT
by : born2b
Community Issues  
Any issues are relevant to Art Blogs, Web Directory, Forums, etc
5 4375 2010/10/05 12:52 CDT
by : sorinapostol
Improvement Suggestions
Increasing Visibility by Adding Links  
Not allowing the use of html to create links to blogs, and other web sites means that this site doesn't get the play that other sites do.
3 3776 2010/01/13 10:58 CDT
by : storman
Difficulties to Contact with Prospective Buyers  
Receiving Contact by prospective buyers is very difficult as since we can't post our e-mail on the paintings.
5 4110 2008/06/15 21:54 CDT
by : barberzhao
Problems & Bugs
Problems & Bugs  
Please report problems and bugs right here.
6 3263 2009/07/15 14:42 CDT
by : rain08storm

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