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A Book " How To Draw Neopoprealism Ink Images: Basics"

A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics" by NeoPopRealism PRESS with illustrations by Nadia Russ teaches how to draw whimsical ink images using the line and repetitive patterns without eraser. This art style was created by Nadia Russ in 1989. This book offers an illustrative and entertaining way of learning step-by-step this unique method of drawing. All you need to start is the ink pen, because you will use for your training purposes the pages of this book, here and now.

This book can be used by those who those who already have experience in visual arts and those who do not have any artistic skills or special artistic talent. The readers of all categories will find for themselves here the basics to start a fascinating journey to the world of NeoPopRealism. Also this type of ink drawing can be used as the stress management tool, for relaxation or meditation.

From the book's "Introduction", reader will learn the history of NeoPopRealism and its creation. It was an experiment. Nadia Russ was trying to connect to the Universe and let the Universe use her as a Conductor when she created her drawings. She did not want to follow any other artistsí achievements, but decided to create absolutely new art form, like Picasso (Cubism), Dali (Surrealism), and a few other artists had done. Nadia took her ink pen and began to draw the flowing line that turned into shapes, figures, and often faces. Then, some or all sections, that appeared, she filled with the repetitive patterns. she created. She never uses eraser because if a 'mistake' made, it disappears with the following repetitive patterns that balance the whole composition. Her work was unique, no one else did anything like this before. January 4, 2003, Nadia Russ created a word NeoPopRealism and internationally announced new style of visual arts...

This book divided to several chapters, such as "Get inspired"; "How to create a simplified NeoPopRealism ink drawing"; "How to create advanced but still simplified NeoPopRealism ink drawing"; "Draw the repetitive patterns here & now"; "Create your drawing from the scratch"; "Your patterns gallery"; "Learn to improvise with Nadia Russ"; "Your exercising pages"; and other.

Fragment from the chapter "Get inspired":
"...You would like to create something very unique and thatís not always easy to do. You need to learn how to connect to the Universe and open your mind to the higher powers.
Close your eyes for a moment. Imaging that your spirit and soul leaving your flesh and flow to the space where there are no people there but only super speed and super powers. Forget about your daily life experiences with supermarkets and laundry stations. No noise should disturb you except, possible, music. You are not you any more, you are a part of the Universe.
Slowly open your eyes. Try not to look around, look only at piece of a plain white paper. This is the beginning. . . Now draw.
If you, after all that, couldnít draw any NeoPopRealism image, go to the next pages of this book. After you learn how to draw with the all offered tips and tricks, come back to this page again and let see what will happen."

With all the information, tips and tricks, this book fills the wide gap with important information on this style of visual art learning. It is greatly illustrated with ink images that step-by-step show how the images are created or should be created by you, here and now. Also, it offers the training pages for you to draw.
Book size is 7.50"x9.25"
88 pages
publication date is August 2011
ISBN-13: 9780615515755, ISBN-10: 0615515754
Language: English
Published by NeoPopRealism PRESS in the USA
BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching

The Russian version of "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics" is also available, ISBN: 978-0615516967. For more information about this book and where to obtain it visit publisher's website at .

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