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2010 Anaut Art Studio News

2009 was a very full and active year, with exhibitions in France, Spain, Ireland, England, Bulgaria and the U.S.A.

A lot of new work came out of the studios, particularly developing the music theme, the “Symphonies” and “Concerts”, and also concentrating more time on the ceramics projects.

2010 starts with Felix spending a month in Ireland working on a dinner service, composed of 60 pieces, each single piece decorated by Felix. It is planned to tour the dinner service to different galleries and venues. A happening if you like, “Eating on Art”, with a real dinner service, and real people and real food, which all will be recorded.

This is parallel to his continuing production of decorated vessels, in collaboration with Abio Ceramics in Huesca in Northern Spain. Thanks to his Dutch & Belgian gallery links, Felix now has a studio in Huesca province for the purpose of executing this project. He designs a series of one off terra-cotta pieces which are then produced (thrown) by Abio for Felix to decorate. It has been a huge success to date. Some of the pieces are now added to this web-site, and ceramics will start to appear in his future exhibitions.

In the spring a new book on the life and work of Felix will be published. This is being written by the European art collector, Michael Simonow, whose extensive collection is on permanent loan to the Abbaye Flaran, in the Gers, South West France. This will add to a number of books and catalogues written by Mr. Simonow. The book will cover Felix’s personal life and include a history of his work up to the present launches will take place at future planned exhibitions. The book can be ordered through this site.

Forthcoming solos this year will include an exhibition this summer of new work at the Gallery in the Table des Cordeliers, Gers, in S.W. France. In the autumn there will be exhibitions in London (to be opened by Dame Diana Rigg) and in Arundel, the former held at the Fairfax Gallery, and both hosted by the Zimmer-Stewart Gallery. These will include new works on the musical theme, and ceramics, and will incorporate the launching of the book to Felix’s U.K. audience.

Following these he will be exhibiting his “Belfast Concert” at the ARTTANK Gallery in Belfast, Ireland. A specially conceived exhibition dedicated to the city of Belfast, and with the collaboration of the contemporary composer and musician Kyron Bourke.

Finally in December and until the end of January 2011, there will be a large exhibition, “The Zaragoza Symphony”, a homage to the city of Zaragoza. It is sponsored by and held in the public galleries of the Spanish bank, CAJALON, The exhibition will be curated by Carlos Buil Guallar, art historian and head of the cultural department of the Aragon College of Architects. Participation in this project of a contemporary composer and the international soprano, Marta Almajano, is foreseen. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue, published by CAJALON.

Felix is also starting new collaborations this year, notably with 9the13 gallery in La Coruña in Galicia, Spain, and with a gallery in Madrid, with exhibitions foreseen for 2011.

Atelier Anaut

Friday, March 26, 2010 11:55 CDT post by support | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Hand Weaving

this is my first try

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 23:54 CDT post by paanpaan | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Hand Weaving


Tuesday, March 23, 2010 23:52 CDT post by paanpaan | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Hand Weaving

my hand made textile ^o^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10:51 CDT post by paanpaan | Permalink | Comments (0)    

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