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The Art Of Chrome & Leather - Art On The Road Of Good & Evil

… A Motorcycle as Art Exhibit at the Museum of Florida Art
featuring original works from over 50 artists

Opening Bash this Friday, February 27 from 7 pm to 11 pm
“Bash Party” tickets available from the Museum at $35 386.734.4371

Exhibit runs through March 22 – regular admission price is $3.

Curator’s statement

The fact that you are viewing original works by over 50 artists – over half of whom are women – speaks volumes about our country’s fascination with ‘life on the road.’ Almost every work of art in the Museum today was created specifically for this exhibit – a tribute to these magnificent machines and the people who ride them.

In this exhibit – along with the motorcycles, each of which is a work of art – you will experience paintings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed-media creations that could only come from a host of talented artists – each ‘set loose’ to create his or her own vision of what those who ride may have felt or experienced at some time. My only direction to this extraordinary variety of artists was to “have fun.” The result is that what you are seeing is everything from whimsy to that which is deeply personal. With the over-riding idea that this exhibit should be fun to visit, we want you and your family to find a surprise at every turn in the show.

For more than a century – right here in the U. S. of A. – we have produced these machines of power, performance, and quality. And then we gave them names like “Panhead,” “Shovelhead,” and “Softail.” These products have become icons of the American experience – whether parked in our driveway or seen as part of our favorite movies. Today we celebrate their inherent beauty, and we look at them as “works of art” AND as the inspiration for the creation of all forms of art.

As we celebrate the coming together of the “biker culture” with the “artsy crowd,” let us salute each other in the joy of creativity. Today, the mix is an easy one. Let this creative coming together provide the opportunity to see some piece of art in a new way – if it is abstract, take an extra moment to look at the elements involved in its creation that mean something special to the artist. Each stroke of paint and each twist of wire is part of that artist’s creation. We’ve placed special surprises – and new art forms – throughout the Museum. Enjoy what you see, and if some of it makes you smile – and I guarantee that some of it will – share that smile with a stranger.

This exhibit is about shared joy – joy in the ‘life on the road,’ and the joy of creating images that help us see that life in a new, more personal way.

Josh Garrick, Curator

Monday, February 23, 2009 14:45 CDT post by support | Permalink | Comments (0)    

" Brillos Naturales Ii" Solo Exhibition

Sara Diciero is invited to exhibit her oil paintings at Marcó del Pont- Casa de Cultura de Flores (Room I).

You can visit it from Tuestady to Friday since 10 to 20 hrs. and on Saturday and Sunday since 15 to 20 hrs. Since March 5th to March 30 th.

Inauguration: March 4th at 19 hrs.

This oil painting is "La alegría se impone" made in 2008; 100 x 90 cm.

In Room II, painter Graciela Mosches will exibit her acrylics paintings and sculptor Mercedes Valsecchi will exhibit her sulptures of stone and resin in the gardens of that Insttitution.
I hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 22, 2009 16:12 CDT post by saradiciero | Permalink | Comments (1)    

Rainforest Paintings And Satires

This is one of my semi abstract paintings.The hornbill is officially the emblem of my country Sarawak.The painting,acrylic on canvas measures 44 x 28 inches depicts a thick,dense and misty rainforest of Borneo.Emerging proudly at the center is the hornbill having a breakfast of red wild berry in his beak
Born and brought up in a small village deep in the rainforest of Borneo-Kampung Tapang Lebat ,and a product of 1958..I am now living in Siburan,kuching Sarawak.and ready to share some exiting paintings, used to be acrylics on canvas.
I admire the classical and modern artists works and indeed anyone that feels that their art needs to be created. Whether my art is seen by many or few, the value of my work is the sense of achievement that I have, conveying my thought feelings to assemble a powerful vibrant outcome.
With a very strong influence of the jungle lives during my childhood days,I permanently stored my memories with the wonderful world of the rainforest.
Orang Utan is the character to my satire paintings. Music and golf satires of these friendly endangered species are highlighted in my favourite themes.
Besides some talent displayed in numerous local art competitions and exhibitions,I do have an idiosyncratic sense of humor. Under the name "Mr.Owat" I used to enlivened the pages of the local daily with cartoons, from hilarious to biting.
My current series of Golf Satires is not based on hearsay- I am a lousy golfer myself, currently a 15-handicapper. But I see even my favourite sport from a satirical point of view. The fact that the word “orang" means "person" in Borneo is not lost on an artist who creates a bit of deliberate confusion between the "man of the forest"and the "man of city". This is what makes me depict not people aping monkeys, but orangutan aping man. well,why not, when serious (human) golfers claim to have seen a "birdie" or an "ëagle" or “hole-in-one”on the links. Mr.Owat sees a hornbill feather in each creation, to make the point that I live in the Land of Hornbills(Sarawak). It floats on a gentle breeze somewhere near the edge of each painting- Just Look For It!
Personal Quote: “As an artist, I am given to work using one side of the brain, but to market my products, I have to use the other side. Having anything “two” at the same time is not easy to handle”.

Yours Humbly truly,

Muyang Kumundan
Invite comment
my email :

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 05:37 CDT post by muyang1111 | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Harold Garde: " Bring Me No Preconceptions”

From March 13 to May 14, 2009
Meet the Artist on Opening Night Friday, March 13 from 7 pm to 9 pm

Artist Harold Garde, a legend of the American abstract expressionist movement, celebrates his 85th birthday having recently had a work added to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, as the subject of a major documentary film, his work celebrated in a retrospective exhibit at the Museum of Florida Art, with the publishing of a major catalog funded by the Abram and Ray Kaplan Foundation, and in a one-man exhibit at Millenia Fine Art Gallery.

Harold Garde is a Florida artist who was privileged (following his active duty in World War II) to study with the leaders of the American abstract expressionist movement of the mid-20th century. These ‘influences’ helped create his unique style as a painter. His mediums include paintings, monotypes, and ‘strappos,’ a self-invented process of transferring dried acrylic paint from glass to paper or canvas. Moving from simplicity of form to intense psychological works, Garde has always emphasized his belief in the personal and social necessity of art.

Museum of Florida Art curator Jeanne Dowis says, “Harold Garde is a painter’s painter. He is a master at composition and a genius with line. His works are often difficult to view, because they are simultaneously complex in message but simplified in presentation. I think the thing Harold would want you to know about him as an artist is that he considers his paintings to be his side of an on-going conversation about what it means to be human. He’d like each of us to consider our own humanity and enter that discussion when we view his works.”

Garde was inspired to create at an early age by both of his craftsmen parents. Garde completed high school in New York City at the prestigious Stuyvesant High School, home to such alumni as James Cagney, and pursued a college education on the GI Bill after his military service. Completing a BA from the University of Wyoming and an MA from Columbia University, he began a teaching career and also worked as a designer while pursuing his art.

A contemporary of many of the ‘celebrated’ artists in New York City during the 60’s, Garde fulfilled his responsibilities as father, husband and teacher while pursuing his art. Now, after 50 years as a professional artist, his studios and homes in Maine and Florida are full, and he continues to fill them with art. Harold Garde is as active today, creating and exhibiting, as he was in his 20’s creating works that range in subject matter from figuration to pure abstraction.

Of his painted ‘subjects,’ Garde says, “Over the years I have used the images of chairs, single and in groups. I have a pinnacle series, and another series with still life references; there are some series that have figures and faces, puppeteers and puppets; and a group of recent work related to the ‘T’ shape of the kimono. Such subjects, suitable for a series, attract me when they are generic, ones that are familiar, readily recognized, capable of being rendered with many variations. Whether they are presented subtly or boldly, small or large, fragile or monumental, I want my works to be capable of engaging the eye, the emotions and stimulating the mind of the viewer.”

Millenia Fine Art is located at 555 South Lake Destiny Drive, Orlando, FL 32810

For information, or to RSVP for Mr. Hammond’s Opening Night, please call 407 304 8100.

Media, please call Josh Garrick at 407 304 8106 or

Monday, February 16, 2009 15:09 CDT post by support | Permalink | Comments (0)    

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