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About The Artist

For Nabakishore Chanda, painting is the spontaneous expression of the creative impulse within him. A self trained artist, this latent ability was unleashed one fine day, when he was urged by a friend to complete a painting he was casually working on. From then on, Nabakishore began his rendition of beautiful, mythopoeic painting dominated by lines and colours.
Born in 1964 on 4th January in a remote village of West Bengal, his emergence as an artist was not very easy as from childhood itself he had to fight against tremendous financial odds. Today he is a senior lecturer in a South Kolkata college and also a budding name in the field of painting. He has earned accolades from renowned artists and has many exhibitions to his credit. He has also designed covers of books and his work has recently been used in a documentary on Shakti Chattopadhyay.
By Dr. Dola Debnath
Seeking the elusive

The Kolkata-based painter’s
work is like a multi-hued patchwork
quilt stretching from one canvas
to another, in undulating, swirling lines

The end goal in life is clear for Nabakishore Chanda. "The day I discover I have done my masterpiece, I'll stop painting," he says. And, until that momentous occasion arrives, he will continue to infuse life into lines, colour into gaps and meaning into images. And show them off to the world.
A faculty member of the Sri Vivekananda College in Kolkata, Nabakishore is in Hyderabad to exhibit his paintings at the Pegasus Art Gallery. A self-taught artist, Nabakishore's artistic journey began in a remote village in West Bengal, as a child who dipped into ink to draw his first perceptions of life around him. "Some of my contemporaries, critics and artists, suggested that I should not seek training so late since it would corrupt my flow. But I practise, study art books and do model study. Great artists, of course, are my inspiration too," he says.
This is the first time that Nabakishore is showing his work in Hyderabad but he has held many solo and group exhibitions before, since 2003. He has a series of shows planned in the coming months, including two more in Hyderabad.
The image of a woman is predominant in almost all his paintings. "Woman is genesis. The mother, the wife, the daughter. Life for me begins and ends with a woman." Everyday images are his forte, captured in strong lines and earth tones. The images stand out as stark statements on first look and then melt into abstraction with the second. Watercolours on paper, acrylic on canvas and bold use of ink lines and hatching are the aspects of his technique.
Though the paintings are mainly steeped in rural milieu, the occasional urban study captures the angst as well as the bland anonymity of city life with equal impact.
Bengal's patachitra in vegetable colours is what influenced him most. "My art did not happen just one fine morning. It has been a journey and I absorb and take impressions and influences with me as I travel," the artist says. He believes whatever he has seen of Andhra and Hyderabadi Deccani art as well as his impressions of Hyderabad will reflect in his work somewhere down the line.
The 44-year-old artist, who is a sculptor too though he is yet to display his work, laments the loss of rocks in and around Hyderabad. "Yet, the city draws me, may be because it is different from Kolkata. Or may be it is an entirely new imagery," Nabakishore says.

By Usha Revelli

Monday, July 28, 2008 13:41 CDT post by nabakishore | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Original Paintings By Nabakishore Chanda

Tapestry of life :(ink and water colour on paper,28x38cm.$150)
This painting presents life as an embroidered piece, with many colours, some chosen, some compulsive.

Monday, July 28, 2008 13:32 CDT post by nabakishore | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Original Paintings By Nabakishore Chanda

Journey: (ink and water colour on paper 21 x29" $ 500)
The eternal journey of man and woman through life, riding on a vehicle of necessity and invention and togetherness is portrayed here.

Monday, July 28, 2008 13:28 CDT post by nabakishore | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Original Paintings By Nabakishore Chanda

Icon(ink 7 watercolour on paoer,21"x29",$500)
The figure here may be god or goddess, but in all circumstances it is a symbol of nature's might, creativity, procreation and beauty.

Monday, July 28, 2008 13:25 CDT post by nabakishore | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Original Paintings By Nabakishore Chanda

Birth of Laxmi (ink and water colour on paper,21"x29",$500)
Laxmi, Goddess of prosperity, emerges from the womb of the ocean of the reflecting Hindu Mythological beliefs. In the painter's imagination she meets her consort, Vishnu, preserver of the universe, under the protection of serpent King Vasuki. The Mythological symbols of plenty and preservation come together.

Monday, July 28, 2008 13:20 CDT post by nabakishore | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Original Paintings By Nabakishore Chanda

Bono Majge Ki Mono Majhe(watercolour on paper,21"x29",$500)
The mental picture many of us have of the ultimate beloved rises in warm and soft hues as a rare and beautiful flower in the dark and wild woods, hidden but attractive in its charm.

Monday, July 28, 2008 13:16 CDT post by nabakishore | Permalink | Comments (0)    

M Bhatt Paintings

I have created this to sell and to share my love of the art to the world.

Saturday, July 19, 2008 11:16 CDT post by ompainting | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Introduce New Painting

watch art video

Thanks everybody!

Friday, July 18, 2008 15:38 CDT post by artlome | Permalink | Comments (0)    

My Page

I invite everybody interested in art tu my page.

Thursday, July 17, 2008 03:47 CDT post by magmac | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Huge Stream Images Flying Before My Eyes...

"There is terrestrial Fire which lives inside of me
which does not give me rest.
I will float through a rain and heat
on an eternal dark blue smooth surface of the sea."

Who is the winner Who is the conqueror? It comes on the another's territory in hope to find something...
Lets say it will be heart of the fine girl, unapproachable but indulgent.
That is dialogue without words...

Watch art video

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 17:35 CDT post by artlome | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Universal World Flag

I have never really seen anyone that looks like these colors,, however I am just using them as symbols, of the 4 colors we have ALL come from.
The purpose of this Flag, is to go Beyond, Color, Prejudice, Inhumanity and Injustice to All Human Beings.
We are All Human Beings.
We are All connected.
Our Soul, Spirit, is either All colors, or no color, or both.
I cannot debate that issue.
The flag has the four Human Being colors,,, White, Yellow, Red, and Black.
The triangle in each color represents our connection with the other Human Beings.
All pointing to the Centre, The Circle of Life.
The Centre represents Our Soul, Spirit, also the Circle of Life.
The symbols represent Man and Woman. Equal, but different. I have put them together to show equality.
And the symbol for Infinity, reminds Us All, that we will Forever be Connected as Human Beings, (Soul-Spirit)

As Human Beings, we were All born with Equal Rights. EQUAL RIGHTS. NOT EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES.
And for that,,,,,,,, I am saddened.
This is an invitation to go Beyond, Color, Prejudice, Injustice and Judgment.

This is an invitation to Share Peace.

Purchase a Human Being Flag, and Present the world with another option.

This flag represents a Reach for Peace.

Contact David @ 780-217-2358

Donations are Welcome. Help, Promoting, Advertising, Manufacturing, and Financing

Saturday, July 12, 2008 19:02 CDT post by humanbeingfl | Permalink | Comments (0)    

Painting The Swamp/bayous

I really enjoyed painting the swamps/bayous of Louisiana while I lived there. Really miss Louisiana, now living in Florida. All my work is done with acrylics, because of the drying time. It dries very fast. The only problem is you have to work fast or use a retarder so it doesn't dry as fast. I have two paintings of the swamps/bayous left. You can check my gallery,Bob's Art Studio. Bob

Saturday, July 12, 2008 18:27 CDT post by bobsart | Permalink | Comments (0)    

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